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Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Rebecca

My fitness journey started with me finding the BBG guide and trying and failing to commit to it time and time again. I finally managed to stay motivated and stick to it for about 2 months before finding that a lot of BBG girls were moving to weight training; I was intrigued.

I had just moved to Melbourne to study and it was daunting deciding to find a gym after working out at home for so long but Jye made me feel so comfortable in the environment. The fear of lifting weights very quickly became excitement to get back into the gym 2-3 times a week to lift!

I have learnt so much about how my body works – from nutrition to the way my body moves in different lifts and exercises. Even now that I have moved back home, I still train with PPC who set up amazing programs for me to follow online. They are always just a text, email or phone call away if I have any questions or want to share new PB’s or accomplishments, and the team are always so excited to hear what I am achieving!

I could not recommend having a Personal Trainer enough and I cannot thank the team at PPC enough for all of the time and effort that I know they put in to help me reach my goals! I have become so much more confident in the gym and I owe it all to Precision Performance Coaching!

More women should be lifting weights!

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