Client Results: Sareen the Robot’s Journey

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Sareen

Results & Stats:

  • Timeframe: 6 months
  • Goal: Fat Loss
  • Upcoming Goal for next year: Photoshoot


  • Bench Press: 120kg for 6 reps
  • Squat: 120kg for 10 reps
  • Rack Deadlift: 211kg

Sareen’s Story:

My name is Sareen Rau Sunthar. I am 25 years old and I’m from Malaysia. A few years back, I was underweight and weighted 55kg.

Due to issues with my physical appearance I was ignored and couldn’t join in on most of the sport activities I wanted to. This is because they were worried that I was too skinny and I could get injured easily.
So when I was 19, I decided to go to the gym with zero knowledge about bodybuilding. I gained some knowledge by watching Youtube videos and from some other gym mates. After few years, my interest in bodybuilding increased. My training phrase was a bro split. But in that same time, I didn’t see the results I was expecting.

So after graduating my degree, I decided to pursue my further studies to sport and fitness so I went to Australia to do so. When I was in Australia I met coach Munya in January 2020. During the lockdown period I gained weight and got up to 95kg. This is because of lack of proper training and diet plan.

So I decided to train under coach Munya. I started to train with him in the beginning of May. During the training session, he really guided me on my diet plan as well as my training at the same time he also educated me regarding body building. Within 2 months of proper coaching and diet I lost 12 kg. He really helped me get back into shape and he also motivated me in so many ways.

In the middle of July, I flew back to Malaysia for two weeks holiday but unfortunately my return flight ticket got cancelled and while I am stuck at Malaysia right now Munya is still guiding me and updating me with my training program information. He always tracks my progress and keeps me updated.

Now, I ended up with few weeks of bulking phase, we started aggressive cutting phase. My main purpose is to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot on January 2021.

This transformation will not end here as there is more to come.

Trainer Notes:

I call Sareen the robot because he loves EVERYTHING systemized (same same all the time). Sareen is an accountant so he’s already very busy and overloaded with daily decisions. When it comes to structuring his training and nutrition Sareen prefers not to do any calculations or make any informed decisions on his own. He simply gives me complete control over his diet and training because it makes his life easier.

His goal was to build muscle. Given his body composition to begin with I opted to first go on a fat loss phase which was broken up into 2×12 week blocks with a diet break in the middle.

Sareen was extremely pleased with the result and now has a photoshoot scheduled in near future.

In his current block we are currently building food volume before we competence another fat loss phase and big the shredz!!!! So proud of you brother.

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