Client Results: Vanessa’s Summer Body Transformation Tips

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Vanessa

Great work by Vanessa! Abs for summer mission accomplished!

Vanessa’s Story

If you asked me 2 years ago if I would ever diet or do weight training my answer would’ve been no way! After starting my full time desk job I felt like I needed some more physical activity in my life so I found Munya and my perspective on fitness and health has completely changed!

Munya not only taught me basic weight training skills like how to hold a stance when doing dead lifts but explained what effects training has on the body and mind by referencing scientific facts about the body and mind.

We trained together for a few weeks and found that I needed more structure. Munya listened to me and understood that I didn’t want to compromise my social life for fitness and diet and also made sure the program kept me interested with every week in the program presenting itself with a new challenge as I get bored very easily. I started a 3 month weight training program whilst being on the keto diet and I immediately saw changes after the first week! I was feeling more energetic, more motivated, stronger and happier with my body. I lost 8kgs (and maintained that) and even reached my abs for summer body goal!

Since that 3 month program Munya has been switching up my diet and weight training program to suit my progression in lifting and body sculpting and I still feel amazing! Being fit and healthy is now just a part of my lifestyle and I am grateful that I had Munya to help me start this journey!

Tips on how she got her summer body:
  • She used a realistic time frame
  • She focused on her nutrition
  • The nutrition was sustainable for her lifestyle
  • The training was focused on getting stronger, the result was her building muscle which meant that she will keep her transformation forever!!
  • The scale never mattered, just how she looked in the mirror

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