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At Precision Performance Coaching all of our services, including both our face to face training and online programs, are tailored to each individual's goals and needs. We understand that each body is unique and therefore structure our programs accordingly.

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I highly recommend anyone thinking about starting or advancing their training to consider hiring Munya as your coach. The extent he has gone to further his education shows he’s really dedicated his whole life to this and that’s what made my decision to have him program for me an easy one. Understanding the program and any sort of complexities were made simple and this took the stress of me worrying about doing my own programming off my shoulders at least for a little while… I decided to hire Munya to take care of my training and nutrition for a month was because I knew he was experienced at this and could help me get the result I was after since I had been training myself for 3.5 years and on a constant “bulk…Munya sets out his programming to show you how simple it really was to drop weight while getting stronger. It is much easier to drop weight than it is to build muscle, but he is able to help you with any physique related goal.


When I first started training with Munya, I wasn’t sure I could ever be the type of person I saw on his Instagram account. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be ‒ it was kind of intimidating…But it’s easy to trust Munya ‒ he’s someone who talks passionately and excitedly about your potential, who lays out all his knowledge simply in front of you, and who frankly looks like a goddamn specimen of a human himself. Instantly from meeting him, I felt comfortable and supported to give this whole training thing a try. I can confidently say Munya has changed my outlook on fitness, my body and my self. He is one of the most incredibly supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His passion for helping people is evident every step of the way (from the check-in texts, to the post-set fist bumps). On a bad day, there’s no one better to have in your corner, reminding you that you hit a PB here, or a new rep range there. On a good day, there’s no one who will celebrate your work harder. I honestly can’t recommend training with Munya enough.


Just like Munya I’m a PT at Fitness First and I began training with him soon after deciding that I wanted to put myself in my client’s shoes and learn from the best coaches in Melbourne. I came with my own ideas and methods on how to workout and change body composition…I’m honestly amazed at Munya’s method. I’ve learnt so much and have had lots of fun along the way.Lastly, I’d like to say that if you want to go to a new level then choose a next level coach. I know many PT’s out there but there’s no one in our industry like Munya. He’s honestly the best PT I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I encourage you to join his team.


Munya not only taught me basic weight training skills like how to hold a stance when doing dead lifts but explained what effects training has on the body and mind by referencing scientific facts about the body and mind. Being fit and healthy is now just a part of my lifestyle and I am grateful that I had Munya to help me start this journey!


I could not recommend having a Personal Trainer enough and I cannot thank the PPC team enough for all of the time and effort that I know they put in to help me reach my goals! I have become so much more confident in the gym and I owe it all to Precision Performance Coaching!


I’ve been lucky enough to train 1 on 1 with Munya and online (once I moved out of the city). He is supportive, guiding and a down right amazing coach both in person and online!  I honestly wouldn’t train with anyone else again after finding him!


I trained with Munya for three years, and this time he taught me so much about training and technique, and I can now confidently work out in the gym on my own. He also taught me so much more than just training techniques though; he encouraged me to always progress and learn in all areas of life and he’s also now one of my closest friends! Taking his own advice, he is always busy attending training seminars and workshops and studying to continue offering the best possible advice to his clients. I highly recommend training with Munya!


Training has given me the opportunity to confront and push through a number of physical and mental barriers, and progressing with this day by day has led me to really value it as an outlet for stress, and a tool for gaining confidence and self worth. Munya has an extremely impressive work ethic, and he has made me realise that any goal is achievable as long as you are willing to understand the work it takes to get there, and then just do it.


Munya values his clients and their health (both mental and physical) just as much as his clients value his expertise and dedication to them. Even though I’m still currently out with injury, the friendship that Munya and I have stays strong. Munya still treats me like part of the team, he still messages me to see how I am going and when I arrive at the gym to do my rehab exercises he still greets me at the door with a big smile and warm hug.


I’ve learnt a lot and still am learning, but I’m super happy with my results and can’t wait to keep smashing my goals out. I’ve got such a better understanding on how the body works with the right food, and training. Real happy that I decided to workout properly and work hard for what I want!


Without Munya I would never have been able to rep a 100kg deadlift or 80kg squat – I just wouldn’t have thought I could ever lift anything so heavy and didn’t have the skills to do so. Training with Munya has taught me that the sky is the limit for what I can do, it just takes time. I have become really passionate about lifting heavy and love the community that I am now a part of. Munya has a great network of PTs and a client base that support and encourage each other.


Munya is a personable and very experienced trainer who is constantly revising and updating his knowledge base. If you’re willing to trust in his advice and put in the hard work this man will get you results!


Extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and genuinely cares about his clients and their results! Everything a Personal Trainer should be and more.


Not only is Munz a great coach but he’s also a quality human being.


Munya is a highly knowledgeable and exceptional coach. He has helped people relating to injuries, rehab, weight loss or purely strength base. If your looking for a coach munya is the man!!


The PPC team took the time to understand our goals at the start of the 8 week challenge. We had a fun, engaging training program written, and it has really helped improve how I train and focus on exercises that maximise strength improvements. Each session we got to see our results with the Body scan, each session the PPC team pushed us to improve ourselves and how we trained. It was an great challenge! Thanks!


Exploding with knowledge, this guy is AMAZING!!
Have only been training for a few months but have already seen results and Munya is a FANTASTIC trainer and person!!



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