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Results are made,
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With Precision Performance Coaching

Hit a training or weight loss plateau and not seeing any results? Want to feel confident in your body and at the gym? We can help! At Precision Performance Coaching we teach life long healthy habits and ways to optimise your training to take it to the next level. We offer specialised and personalised programs that are individually tailored to you, so you can finally get results, and a body, you’re proud of!

Created to empower our clients and help them get results

Precision Performance Coaching was founded to help people not only become fitter, stronger and healthier, but to enjoy the process along the way too.

We take a measured and scientific approach to our training to ensure results are reached.

We want to help our clients transform not only in the gym but in life too, as we help to teach and pass on valuable lessons that translate to all areas of life – such as confidence, disclipline and dedication. 


We’re so excited to announce our new online coaching membership. Membership includes the following:

Customised Workout Programs

Home & Gym Based Training Options

Extensive Video Library

Personalised Meal Plans

Exclusive Members Only App

Exclusive PPC Facebook Group

precision performance coaching online training membership



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