Client Results: Ben’s Amazing Transformation

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Ben

Results & Stats:

  • Goal: muscle and strength
  • Training: 4-5 days

Strength milestones:

  • Bench Press: 85kg for 8
  • Hack Squat: 180kg
  • Rack Deadlift: 177kg

Upcoming Goal: Physique show

Ben’s Story:

With only 2 years of training experience I began to start plateauing, I was accumulating size but not strength and my training wasn’t structured. I met Munya in November 2019, he had offered to look at my diet and form. Based on this he offered me some trial coaching lessons and being a high school student, I couldn’t turn down this vital opportunity.

Simply put it, with Munya’s help I was able to break plateaus and achieve a sharper, harder denser look to my physique. Initially he focused on educating me on the significance nutrition, instilling the idea that it played in increasing one’s performance in the gym. After we had established the recovery side of things, Munya homed in on my technique when lifting. By providing useful ques to engage the proper muscles and guiding the tempo of each lift, I began to progress.

Munya’s flexible programming structure is what I loved most of all. It allowed me to utilise certain exercises and bypass others due to past injuries and low ranges of movement. His amiability and encouragement gave me the mental clarity to surpass prior personal bests.

During October’s exam period I had dropped my weight and stopped eating consistently and this was reflected in my training output. After this stressful period, my 12-week phase was focussed on a lean bulk, in which I successfully went from 88kg to 93kg. I started to notice that I looked leaner at 93kg than 88kg. At this point I was keen to pick myself back up and commit to my goal of competing in the near future. Due to covid-19 my progress has been slowed; however, I’ve remained consistent. In the years to come I will definitely be looking forward to working with Munya for competition prep.

Trainer Notes:

18 years old and fully committed the sport of bodybuilding. My man is doing whatever it takes to make progress and push towards his first appearance on the physique stage. I’ve really enjoyed working with Ben, since his goal is building muscle we focus on a slow rate of gain when it comes to his caloric intake, this helps us mimimise fat gain and maximise muscle growth.

The Focus of his training has been strength progressions through multiple rep ranges(6-20). I have a few main lifts that I prescribe performance targets within his program and the rest of the session I’ve allowed Ben some flexibility on exercise selection. This provides me with adherence from the client, but more important for ben, it gives him enjoyment which is an essential part of his Journey.

Really proud of the results we’ve achieved so far, but we are just getting started. Watch this space for future progress photos from my man Ben.


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