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Here at Precision, we believe there is an inner athlete in everyone, and our motivating team and performance based focus is just the key to unlock that potential. 

We help our clients work through goals and barriers they’re facing in their training, whether they’re physical or mental, and formulate a strategic plan to achieve results.

We incorporate training (whatever style of it may be) and ensure each workout is not only challenging for our clients, but also a learning experience which can transfer across to their everyday lives. We are acutely passionate about health and fitness, and ready to help you achieve your goals!

About Munya


Hi, I’m Munya. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m not from Australia. My dad brought us here so we could have the opportunity for a better life, and originally my dream was to play professional basketball.

As you can probably tell, in terms of basketball players I’m a midget, so I was told that if I wanted to succeed I’d have to go and put on some muscle. So, I started doing some research, joined a gym and three or four months later I could lift my body weight. This started getting a lot of attention, and through the love of this process and lifting weights I decided to become a coach myself.

I believe that to be successful in anything it comes down to how well you can apply what you’ve learnt, and so Precision Performance Coaching was born.

My brand Precision Performance Coaching has me training clients both in my own gym and online, attending workshops and courses to keep continuing building on my knowledge and skills, and then whatever free time I have after all of that is spent in the gym training myself, prepping meals and with my beautiful girlfriend Kat.

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