Client Results: Lan’s 12 Week Transformation Results

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lan

Results & Stats:

  • Goal: Get lean for summer
  • Timeframe: 12 Weeks
  • Training: 4-5 days
  • Body weight: 94kg to 84kg
  • Body fat: 18% to 12%

Strength Milestones

  • Deadlift: 200kg
  • Bench Press: 100kg 4×6
  • Squat: 135kg 3×8

Upcoming Goal: Strength and Size

Trainer Notes:

Meet Lan, after spending a year on building muscle and gaining some serious strength my man decided it was time for a bit of a shred.

So, I made a 12 week plan with an aim of losing roughly 1% a week of his total bodyweight (quite aggressive). This was done through regulating his caloric intake and driving his output (cardio).

The main objective with his training was to maintain his strength across all lifts, which we did. This is my main focus when it comes to fat loss phases because the result of retaining strength will put us in a good position to also retain muscle leading to more fat loss.

Great work from my man Lan, time for a diet break and change our focus to building more muscle getting even stronger.


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