Client Results: Lisa’s Impressive 1 Year Transformation

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lisa

Results & Stats:

  • Timeframe: 1 year
  • Goal: fitness Model show
  • Starting weight: 65kg
  • Current weight: 52kg
  • Starting body fat: 26%
  • Current body fat: 12%

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lisa 2

Lisa’s Story:

I have been training with Munya since August 2019 and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. After an unsuccessful attempt at prepping for a bodybuilding competition in early 2019 I wanted to take my time with adding in goals around nutrition and deciding whether to try and compete again. Munya was patient with me and happy to focus only on my training until I was ready to discuss nutrition.

Initially we focused on improving technique, which aided in my goals of muscle and strength building. When I was ready to discuss nutrition, we started by not specifying any guidelines and just tracked my food intake. From there we moved into flexible dieting by sticking to a daily macro intake and then when I decided I was ready to compete again we focused on consistency and a fat loss phase.

My initial fat loss phase took me from 65kg to 55kg and at this point I needed a break. During this initial fat loss, I lost a lot of water weight and noticed a dramatic change around my mid-section, with the appearance of a much more visible waistline and hour glass figure, where I had previously been more of a pear shape. During this fat loss phase I chose not to consume alcohol, focused on consuming more whole foods and increasing my fibre intake. I came out of this phase feeling confident and incredibly proud of what I had been able to achieve with Munya’s support. I believe that Munya’s patience with me, constant support, and brutal honesty about how hard it was going to be to compete, were imperative to this amazing result.

Leading into my second fat loss phase I chose not to drink alcohol again and the changes to my nutrition were less extreme because I had managed to maintain a lot of what I had been doing previously during my diet break. This was one of the great things about going through this transformation at my own pace – it was so much more sustainable and less of a shock to my lifestyle than anything I had ever tried before. We started my second fat loss phase quite far ahead of my competition date. This meant I could take things slowly and plan to be ready nice and early, resulting in me being less drained prior to competing. During this phase I went from 57kg to 52.8kg, which is the leanest I’d been in a long time and I felt fantastic despite the challenges Covid19 have presented. With Munya’s help, I had a great balance of nutrition and physical activity to achieve my competition goals.

Unfortunately, due to Victoria being in Level 4 lockdown again, I have chosen to postpone my competition until Season A 2021. Watch this space for more amazing results. WORLD, I’M COMING FOR YOU!

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lisa

Trainer Notes:

Lisa is a client that deals with high levels of anxiety when it comes to dieting. Not all transformations are smooth and they don’t have to be. At the end of the day the work is still done and it’s still a transformation. Our goal over the year was to put us in a great position to bring an amazing package to her first Fitness Model Show. Unfortunately with the current circumstance of Covid-19 we’ve had to push the show to a later date, but look at what we still achieved.

There were many challenges during this transformation, when it comes to losing fat, there needs to be some sort of restriction. For Lisa the feeling of restriction leads to anxiousness which causes her to binge on food and on some occasions even alcohol. Essentially dieting to really low levels of body fat takes a mental and physical toll on the body. When the goal is to achieve extreme results(competing is an extreme sport), most of the time these cases will require an extreme method such as low calories and excessive amounts of output(steps,cardio and training). I’m really proud of the way Lisa has conducted herself during this process. We didn’t encounter any fat loss plateaus, it was a slow and steady grind over the Comp prep period. Diet breaks were only used as a mental break and to improve adherence.

If you thought this end product was impressive wait till you see Lisa 2.0!

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