Client Results: Mina’s 1 Year Transformation

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Mina’s Story

I started going to the gym regularly when i was 18 but didn’t really fall in love with it till I moved to Melbourne and started working out at fitness first. My motivation for training has really changed over the last couple of years, I used to have a very unhealthy attitude towards food and viewed exercise more as a chore or punishment than an opportunity to devote time to myself. I was very lucky to have Steve and then Munya as my trainers, their influence started me on a much healthier journey of training and they passed on so much knowledge, not only about exercise but about sleep, stress and mental wellbeing.

Working with Munya has allowed me to refocus my goals and track progress in a consistent and measurable way where the main concern is improving my numbers to become healthier and stronger, rather than stressing out about my weight or how I perceived my body to look. This has allowed me to take a big picture approach to my health and put more of an emphasis on long term continual improvement and mental balance rather than a quick fix to look slimmer/ leaner/ more ‘toned’. I am constantly challenged by variety in my programs while also being free to follow a flexible diet structure which helps me stay on track.

Training has given me the opportunity to confront and push through a number of physical and mental barriers, and progressing with this day by day has led me to really value it as an outlet for stress, and a tool for gaining confidence and self worth. Munya has an extremely impressive work ethic, and he has made me realise that any goal is achievable as long as you are willing to understand the work it takes to get there, and then just do it!


4 x days a week (weight based)
Rest day Protocols: yoga, stretching, meditation and pilates

Exercises: chins, hip thrust, split squats, leg press, RDL, bridges, shoulder press, T-bar rows, squat variations, pulls with bands, deadlifts, rack pull, this program was posterior chain focused.


Weight: 57kg to 63!!!
Calories before: 1,600 (22% P/ 46% C/ 32% F)
Current calories: 2,700 (22% P/ 46% C / 32% F)
Supplementation: zinc, b-complex, digestive enzymes, magnesium, alpha Venus, cort Rx


Mina used to get upset about the scale, now she’s only concerned with what she lifts!

We focused on making improvements on every exercise, the better performance the more food we were able to fuel her body with. I always say it’s not complicated, track what you are doing and respond based on the outcome you achieve.

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