Client Results: Brodie’s Lifestyle Change

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Brodie

When I first started training my goal was always weight loss. I would diet, binge, diet, binge and never go anywhere I would do more cardio then weights and my body would never change!

It wasn’t until I met Munya that my whole approach to fitness and my lifestyle change completely! I learnt that I didn’t have to restrict my calories to achieve my goals! With Munya’s help I managed to reach a calorie surplus of 3,000 calories (!!) while training heavy weights 4 times and week and building some serious muscle!

Weight training helped me to stop focusing on the number on the scales and start focusing on how much weight I was lifting! It helped me mentally to fight against my depression and become a happier healthier person!

I’ve been lucky enough to train 1 on 1 with Munya and online (once I moved out of the city). He is supportive, guiding and a down right amazing coach both in person and online!. I honestly wouldn’t train with anyone else again after finding him!

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