Client Results: Jonathan’s Amazing 9 Week Achievement

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Incredible results after just 9 weeks!

With Jonathan, the goal wasn’t body composition. We picked exercises which were going to give him the best result in the shortest period of time.

We focused on making improvements on every exercise, the better performance the more food we were able to fuel his body with. I always say it’s not complicated, track what you are doing and respond based on the outcome you achieve.


3-4 x whole body weight training days a week
Rest day Protocols: Leastmode, yoga, stretching, meditation and basketball

Exercises: chins, bench variations, leg press, RDL, barbell shoulder press, T-bar rows, squat variations, direct arm work, deadlift variations. Any compound lift was rotated in and out of each phase.


Weight: 68kg to 75.2kg!!!
Calories training day: 3663 (22%P/46%C/32%F)
Macro split non-training day: 3663 (22%P/8%C/71%F)
Supplementation: zinc, b-complex, digestive enzymes, magnesium glycinate, apple cider vinegar (2-3 times a day), Synerplex revive electrolytes, cod liver oil.

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