Client Results: Kathleen’s 4 Year Journey to Total Body Recomposition!

Online Personal Trainer Client Results Kat
Kat’s story

When Kathleen came to us she had built such a bad relationship with food. She works in a office and felt sluggish she felt she gained a lot of weight over the years. She did not have much knowledge of nutrition. Her understanding of body composition was to do cardio and that will help lose the weight. We changed kathleens focus around lifting weights and taught her about nutrition, we focused on improving her performance on big compounds lift since they expend the most energy and provide the body with greatest amount of overload.

We focused on making improvments on every exercise, the better performance the more food we were able to fuel her body with. Track what you are doing and respond based on the outcome you achieve.


5 x days of weight training
Rest day Protocols: stretching, yoga, LISS

Exercises: chins, hip thrust, split squats, leg press, RDL, bridges, shoulder press, T-bar rows, squat variations, pulls with bands, deadlifts, rack pull.

Best lifts

Squat: 125kg
Deadlift: 140kg
Bench: 57kg
Hip thrust: 210kg
Lunges: 80kg
Split Squat: 70kg

online personal trainer client results kat


Calories before : 1,500 calories
Current calories: 3,000 calories

Supplementation: magnesium glycinate
Note: supplementation was not a bigger factor because we had to address her relationship with food.

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