Client results: Sarah’s Journey & Her 8 Week Challenge Results!

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Sarah
Results from her 8 week transformation challenge!

(Note image featured are her amazing 8 Week Challenge results)

Inbody results:
  • Muscle mass increase of 1.5kg
  • Body fat went from 24% to 20%
  • Biggest improvement:
  • Deadlift 105kg to 115kg
Sarah’s Overall Training Journey

I started training with Munya about 4 years ago. I was already physically fit but wanted someone to guide me further and push me past my own limits and expectations. We started training twice a week and not long into my training Munya introduced me to the Deadlift. Having worked in the fitness industry 15 years ago I was quick to pick up the technique, and under Munya’s watchful eye I soon perfected the exercise, going from strength to strength, PB to PB. We made some tweeks to my existing diet and that, coupled with our training sessions, saw big and quick changes in my body shape but the strength I was gaining was far more impressive to me. I loved my sessions with Munya, they were educational, hard work and full of variety which left me eagerly anticipating my next session but more importantly Munya became a friend. During my sessions we’d chat about everything – training, goals, struggles, life, work, family, partners, anything that came to mind. He was my therapist as well as my PT! Lol

Unfortunately during the last 4 years I have suffered two injuries at different times – a broken finger and hamstring tendinitis. Both basketball injuries which prevented me from lifting. Munya was always quick to adjust my programs to suit my injuries so I could continue to train however recently I have had to stop completely to give my hamstring the best chance to repairs itself.

Even though I’m still currently out with injury, the friendship that Munya and I have stays strong. Munya still treats me like part of the team, he still messages me to see how I am going and when I arrive at the gym to do my rehab exercises he still greets me at the door with a big smile and warm hug.

Munya values his clients and their health (both mental and physical) just as much as his clients value his expertise and dedication to them. I look forward to returning to train with Munya in the near future.

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