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Georgia’s Story

I come from a fighting background I have done boxing for roughly 6 years and MMA for 2, before I started training with Munya I was 50 kg, I also put boxing on hold hadn’t been for a couple of weeks, I didn’t have a routine at all, I would hardly eat, maybe two small meals a day if that because I didn’t want to “gain weight”.

After my first 5 weeks of training I’d gone up 5kg, eat 4 meals a day and train 3 days a week. I’ve learnt a lot and still am learning but I’m super happy with my results and can’t wait to keep smashing my goals out. I’ve got such a better understanding on how the body works with the right food, and training. Real happy that I decided to workout properly and work hard for what I want!


Starting weight: 50.2kg

Current weight: 57kg

Body fat down!


Squat: 80kg

Deadlift: 90kg


3 x days of weights

Exercises: chins, walking lunges, hip thrust, weighted split squats, leg press, bridges, shoulder press, T-bar rows, squat variations, pulls with bands, deadlifts, rack pull

Rest day protocols: walking


Calories before: we didn’t track calories, she was only consuming 1 meal a day.

Current calories: Georgia is consuming 4 meals per day and we are still not currently tracking calories

Supplementation: Magnesium glycinate, fish oils, vitamin D. Note: once again supplementation was not a big factor because we had to address her relationship with food. We focused on eating foods which agreed with her body, for example low inflammation meals and high nutrient dense foods. Simple.

Take home message:

When Georgia came to us she had no experience with weight training and only consumed one meal a day. Since she was new to the gym environment our approach was to educate her on what foods agree with her body, the benefit of eating more meals to fuel workouts and how vitamins and minerals are powerful simulators of the metabolism, and mood regulation. As always with our clients at PPC, we focused on improving performance on big compounds lifts. These expend the most energy and provide the body with greatest amount of overload, leading to the quickest body composition results.

We focused on making improvments on every exercise, the better performance the more food we were able to fuel her body with. Track what you are doing and respond based on the outcome you achieve.

If you’re interested in learning how to improve your training, your own relationship with food please or to achieve results like this feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about the services and training and nutrition programs we provide, please find more information here.

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