Miki’s 3 Year Journey and the 3 Key Things She’s Learnt!

Client Story Miki featured

3 years ago I was your average ‘active’ girl. I was pretty comfortable in the gym, and though I was pretty informed about exercise, nutrition and the best way to keep my desired body shape – lots of high-intensity cardio. I chopped and changed the kind of exercise I did – for 6 months I did yoga every day, then it was boxing 2-3 times a week for a year, then HIIT classes and spin. I lifted weights maybe once a week, but it was just what I felt like doing on the day with no structure. Everything was about high reps. While I liked being active and going to the gym, I didn’t love the exercise I was doing. I was maintaining my body but as I was getting older, I was definitely noticing that I was getting a bit softer around the middle.

Before I met Munya I thought a PT was someone to drill you through rounds and rounds of circuits, which I could just go to a class for. I didn’t really understand until we started training the full benefit that having a PT provided. For me really there have been three stand out benefits to having a PT for mt training


First of all Munya has taught me correct technique. When I started my form was terrible, and I had no idea. Years of going to pump classes had taught me to squat and deadlift as fast as I could as many times as I could. I had never been taught bracing, the importance of bar path or the proper movements to execute a squat or deadlift. Munya and I worked for months until I had the proper technique on my squat and deadlift, going back to light weight before being able to add weight to the bar. If I had kept going the way I did I would have been risking injury and would have struggled to increase weight on the bar.


Secondly, previously my training had absolutely no structure. Gym classes were a social activity as much as for exercise and when I lifted weights it was just going through the motions. Munya taught me the benefit of programming, consistency and setting realistic goals for my training. Because I have a structured program I always train at least 3 times per week. Every time I train I am always making progress, even if it is adding just 1 rep or 2.5kg to the bar. This means that I also get the most out of every work out – I know what I am there to do each time and I know what I need to do to progress for the next session. The added bonus of this consistency is that my clothes fit well all the time!


Third is really enjoyment and confidence. Munya took the time to find out what I really enjoyed about training, which I have discovered is lifting really heavy things (about 3-5 times!). Without Munya I would never have been able to rep a 100kg deadlift or 80kg squat – I just wouldn’t have thought I could ever lift anything so heavy and didn’t have the skills to do so. Training with Munya has taught me that the sky is the limit for what I can do, it just takes time. I have become really passionate about lifting heavy and love the community that I am now a part of. Munya has a great network of PTs and a client base that support and encourage each other.

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