Client Results: Kathleen’s Latest 22 Week Transformation (and the Role of Inflammation & Insulin Sensitivity)

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Kathleen

When it comes to clients it’s important to find a system the helps them remain consistent. Kathleens’s latest transformation took a period of 22 weeks. Fat loss and muscle growth doesn’t happen in a 24-hour window, your body will resemble what you consistently do ALL THE TIME. That means you need to address not what … Read more

Client Results: Kathleen’s 4 Year Journey to Total Body Recomposition!

Online Personal Trainer Client Results Kat

Kat’s story When Kathleen came to us she had built such a bad relationship with food. She works in a office and felt sluggish she felt she gained a lot of weight over the years. She did not have much knowledge of nutrition. Her understanding of body composition was to do cardio and that will … Read more