Muscle Building Starts with Progressive Overload

progressive overload for muscle building

Making drastic changes to my clients and my own physique has taken a long time. It’s great to look back and reflect on how my understanding of training has changed over time. I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about the most effective way to train (progressive overload) as a beginner and someone … Read more

Client Results: Lisa’s Impressive 1 Year Transformation

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lisa

Results & Stats: Timeframe: 1 year Goal: fitness Model show Starting weight: 65kg Current weight: 52kg Starting body fat: 26% Current body fat: 12% Lisa’s Story: I have been training with Munya since August 2019 and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. After an unsuccessful attempt at prepping for a … Read more

Reps vs Weight: Which is Better for Building Muscle Mass & Making Progression in the Gym?

Reps vs Weight Which is Better for Building Muscle Mass

Lots of clients ask me: should I add more weight or do higher reps for progression? Or what about more sets? In this months issue of MASS (Monthly Application In Strength Sports) Eric Helms had an article tithed “Progression frame work for hypertrophy” which talked about progression through reps and load. Dr Mike also wrote … Read more

Client Update: Mina & Managing Stress Hormones for Optimal Results


Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am of this girl. Over the 3 years I’ve been training Mina she has shown me nothing but consistency, dedication and hard work. Mina is also a high stress individual with a high stress job. To make matters worse, Mina is also a high achiever whose … Read more

Client Results: Kathleen’s Latest 22 Week Transformation (and the Role of Inflammation & Insulin Sensitivity)

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Kathleen

When it comes to clients it’s important to find a system the helps them remain consistent. Kathleens’s latest transformation took a period of 22 weeks. Fat loss and muscle growth doesn’t happen in a 24-hour window, your body will resemble what you consistently do ALL THE TIME. That means you need to address not what … Read more

Vacation Diet Tips: How You Can Stay On Track With Your Diet On Holiday

Vacation Diet Tips

Holidays are great, but sometimes you want to stay on track with your diet too. It may seem like it’ll be too hard, but with a little bit of effort and careful planning, it’s easy to make sure you’re hitting those diet and training goals while enjoying a vacation too. I’m currently 14 weeks out … Read more

Client Results: Kirsten’s 9 Week Fat Loss Journey

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Kirsten

Results & stats: Timeframe: 9 weeks Goal: Fat loss Starting weight: 63kg Current weight: 57.5kg Difference: -5.5kg! Training: 4 days kirsten’s story: When I first started training with Munya, I wasn’t sure I could ever be the type of person I saw on his Instagram account. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be ‒ … Read more

Client Results: Bianca’s 4 Week Photo Shoot Prep

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Bianca

Results & stats: Timeframe: 4 weeks Goal: photo shoot ready Training: 4 days bianca’s story: I highly recommend anyone thinking about starting or advancing their training to consider hiring Munya as your coach. The extent he has gone to further his education shows he’s really dedicated his whole life to this and that’s what made … Read more

Client Results: Steph’s 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Steph

Results & Stats Timeframe: 12 weeks Goal: Fat Loss Starting Weight: 68.5kg Current Weight: 62.4kg Difference: -6.1kg! Body fat: 26% down to 20% Training: 4 days Steph’s journey Just like Munya I’m a PT at Fitness First and I began training with him soon after deciding that I wanted to put myself in my client’s … Read more