Client Results: Lan’s 12 Week Transformation Results

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Lan

Meet Lan: after spending a year on building muscle and gaining some serious strength my man decided it was time for a bit of a shred. So, I made a 12 week plan with an aim of losing roughly 1% a week of his total bodyweight (quite aggressive). This was done through regulating his caloric intake and driving his output (cardio).

Client Results: Ben’s Amazing Transformation

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Ben

Meet Ben: 18 years old and fully committed the sport of bodybuilding. My man is doing whatever it takes to make progress and push towards his first appearance on the physique stage. I’ve really enjoyed working with Ben, since his goal is building muscle we focus on a slow rate of gain when it comes to his caloric intake, this helps us mimimise fat gain and maximise muscle growth.