Client Results: Bianca’s 4 Week Photo Shoot Prep

Precision Performance Coaching Online Trainer Results Bianca

Results & stats:

  • Timeframe: 4 weeks
  • Goal: photo shoot ready
  • Training: 4 days

bianca’s story:

I highly recommend anyone thinking about starting or advancing their training to consider hiring Munya as your coach. The extent he has gone to further his education shows he’s really dedicated his whole life to this and that’s what made my decision to have him program for me an easy one. Understanding the program and any sort of complexities were made simple and this took the stress of me worrying about doing my own programming off my shoulders at least for a little while.

In January I had a deadline photo shoot and a physique to meet in 4 weeks, the goal being to drop body fat and display what muscle I had – that would then allow me to see what weaknesses/ lagging muscles I had and needed to work on more. Before this I was weighing at 65kg and and was able to achieve a body fat drop as well get down to 61kg in that 4 weeks. I had increased my strength/ hit PB’s across all my main lifts – notably I could squat 120kg for 3 beforehand, by the end was able to do it for reps of 8. His training protocol was very different to mine. It was good to experience a different approach to training. My confidence being under that much weight had also increased significantly, considering that the first time I put myself under those types of loads were under his guidance. He is professional, supportive, on top of the fact that he gets results.

The reason I decided to hire Munya to take care of my training and nutrition for that month was because I knew he was experienced at this and could help me get the result I was after since I had been training myself for 3.5 years and on a constant “bulk”, aside from a period I had been doing intense MMA for approx 6 months, and in the second last month before my shoot had a little too much fun and started prioritising strength/ resistance training less. By having Munya by my side, and a photoshoot booked in, I had accountability to work harder and bring myself back up to speed. Now I am back in routine and extremely happy.

Munya sets out his programming to show you how simple it really was to drop weight while getting stronger. It is much easier to drop weight than it is to build muscle, but he is able to help you with any physique related goal.

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